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Kumagai Nobuyasu 熊谷 亘泰





Thank you for visiting the page of Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant Kumagai Nobuyasu Office.

As a Hokkaido citizen, I have the desire to "contribute to the development of my hometown." We believe that Hokkaido is known all over the world to be as peaceful and prosperous. At our office, we have a management philosophy of "Our vision is to support Hokkaido to become a world-class land."

Our mission is to support the independence and lasting development of Hokkaido citizens and companies, and to contribute to the development and happiness of Hokkaido.

All of the services introduced on this site are related to accounting and business management, but the services required change with the times. At our office, we not only provide the same service repeatedly, but also constantly investigate and understand needs, and develop and provide new services.

資格・所属など Licenses, affiliations etc.

  • 公認会計士(第24979号)
    Certified Public Accountant in Japan (No. 24979)
  • 税理士(第136572号)
    Zeirishi(Tax accountant) (No. 136572)
  • 日本公認会計士協会北海道会所属
    JICPA Hokkaido Association
  • 北海道税理士会札幌西支部所属
    Certified Public Tax Accountants’ Associations Hokkaido Sapporo-nishi branch
  • TKC北海道会札幌西支部所属
    TKC Hokkaido Sapporo Nishi Branch
  • 日本フードアドバイザー協会 上級フードコンサルタント
    Japan Food Advisors Association Senior Food Consultant
  • 北海道中小企業家同友会 札幌支部中央南地区会所属
    Hokkaido Associations of Small-and Medium-Size Enterprises Sapporo Branch Chuo-Minami District
  • 札幌大通倫理法人会所属
    Sapporo Odori RINRI Corporate Membership Organization

略歴 Biography

1985年1月 January 1985
Born in Ebetsu, Hokkaido
2006年11月 November 2006

Passed the Certified Public Accountant Examination while attending Otaru University of Commerce
2007年3月 March 2007
Graduated from Otaru University of Commerce
2007年4月 April 2007
Joined EY Shinnihon LLC Sapporo Office
Involved in accounting audits of various industries, mainly financial institutions and public transportation
2010年7月 July 2010
Registered as a certified public accountant
2014年7月 July 2014
Transferred to EY ShinNihon LLC Tokyo Office
As a financial accounting advisor, involved in various services such as management support for IPO companies and accounting rule formulation support.
2017年7月 July 2017
Opened a private office in Chuo-ku, Sapporo
2017年9月 September 2017
Registered as a tax accountant
2017年12月 December 2017
Registered as a support agency for business innovation