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There are no people who are not involved in taxes in their lives, such as everyday shopping, business management, inheritance, and business succession.

There are also regular events such as tax returns and settlement of accounts. There are also rarely experiences such as inheritance and business succession in your lifetime. In any case, our Office: Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant Kumagai Nobuyasu Office can support your work as an accounting / tax professional and can handle various complicated tax procedures on your behalf.

We are small business management experts as support agencies for business innovation!




Our office has been certified as a “support agency for business innovation” by the Small and Medium Business Administration. This certification proves that we have expertise in SME management and a wealth of practical experience in supporting SMEs.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with corporate management, not just about money. We will provide sincere support to resolve your concerns. In addition, if you need the assistance of a specific expert, we will refer you to the appropriate expert.

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Certified Public Accountant / Tax Accountant Kumagai Nobuyasu Office


  熊谷 亘泰

  Kumagai Nobuyasu

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13-4-6-502 Minami 8 West, Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido

※Our office is located at home, and interviews are conducted at the “client office”, “rental conference room”, or “video / telephone conference”. Please be sure to contact us in advance if you would like to have an interview at our office.

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